This rumor is true! Gwen Stefani snap-chatted the whole thing! So, they weren't exactly alone...

This couple just cannot get any cuter! I'm beginning to think this couple is the real deal - they really seem to be integrating each other into their lives. Her entire touring team is their, buses parked and all! I can even see Gwen's kids in the video for a brief second or two!

Do you think Gwen sharing this bit of their time at the ranch makes them more relatable, or believable? It does for me, but I've been skeptical for some time now. We'll see where their relationship goes next!

If you were spending the day at Blake Shelton's ranch, how would you spend you time? Firstly, I'd totally want to find time for some target practice. Then, I'd want to ride some horses. I'd hope to end the night with a campfire sing along too! What would you do?


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