We all know Michael Phelps has done an amazing job at the Olympics in Rio.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 4
Getty Images

We were treated to a sneak peek at how he preps for the pool when the infamous "face" photo was released, and I had to ask... what was he listening to when that photo was taken.

It turns out! He was listening to Eric Church!

Country Thunder In Twin Lakes, Wisconsin - Day 4
Getty Images for Country Thunder

Michael doesn't just listen to The Chief though, Taste Of Country reports, "In an article in the New York Timesit’s revealed that Phelps has a steady stream of  a “mix of songs from Eminem, Young Jeezy and a more recent addition, Eric Church” flowing through his ear buds before he hits the pool."

His love for country shouldn't be a huge suprise, the US Olympic Swim Team made their own edition of Carpool Karaoke too, where they jam to The Zac Brown Band! Awesome!

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