This is definitely getting some attention! Do you think Prince recorded an album as a woman?

Minneapolis Area Mourns Death Of Native Son Prince
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Hey, he certainly has the range for it! It turns out, this rumor is true! Prince really did record an album as a female alter ego named Camille. He did the work in 1986, but it was never released because it was cancelled just weeks before it was supposed to be. So, don't be surprised if you've never heard much about this at all.

Currently, Camille is up for auction! No one is sure how many copies exist, but if you've got around $5,000 to spare, you might want to buy a copy. Who knows how much it'll be in the future!?

It's rumored further that Prince left behind hundreds (if not thousands!) of previously unreleased recordings stored at Paisley Park. They just might see the light of day sometime soon! Would you want to hear them?


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