Even though he's suspended, New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is making headlines this week!

Streeter Lecka
Streeter Lecka

Firstly, our minds were blown at how similar this mask looks to the real man himself. Secondly, he made headlines with a surprising revelation - he's never eaten a strawberry. IN. HIS. LIFE. This rumor is true!

He hasn't eaten one because he doesn't think they'll taste very good. He tells NY Mag, I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life. I have no desire to do that.” Hmmm... he sounds pretty firm in that! Brady also goes on to say that he doesn't exactly have a steady diet of cheeseburgers either. He tries to find balance, but there are some things, like strawberries, that he won't eat.

Is there anything that you absolutely won't even try, simply because you don't think it will taste good?


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