In the middle of busy promotion for his next album, They Don't Know, Jason Aldean took a  break to check the CMA nominee list - and got a surprise.

2016 CMA Festival - Day 1
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His name wasn't on this year's nominee list. Other shocker: neither was Sam Hunt's. Jason has consistently been admired by the ACM's, so who knows if that has anything to do with it, but he noticed the CMA snub this time.

Jason tells Taste Of Country, “Honestly, I’m not a, ‘It’s good to be here’ guy. I’m just competitive. I wanna win. If we can barely squeak in enough votes for a nomination, I’d just as soon, if we ain’t gonna win, I’d as soon not be there anyway.”

Hey, he's a busy guy! Especially in the middle of promoting a new album! He's got his wife and kids too. I'm sure he's got other plans if the CMAs aren't one of them. Were you sad to see Jason left off of the list?

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