St. Peter, MN (KROC-AM News) - The quick and heroic actions of a southern Minnesota police officer likely saved a young couple, their baby, and a couple dogs from perishing in a fire early Tuesday.

A news release from the St. Peter Police Department indicates officer Joshua Klaseus was on patrol when he spotted smoke and traced it to a home that was already partially engulfed in flames. After notifying the St. Peter Fire Department the officer went to an entrance door to the home, and after finding it unlocked, he went inside the smoke-filled house yelling to alert anyone inside.

The statement says Officer Klaseus finally heard a female voice and directed her outside, where she indicated there were others still inside the burning home. He then went back inside and found a man cradling an infant. After assisting in their escape, the officer learned the family had no idea their house was on fire until he entered and began yelling.

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