Howdy my friends!! Wow, feels like just yesterday I said farewell on the air. But, believe it or not, it's been nearly 3 years already. I still miss radio every single day! That radio bug, I tell ya. It grabs on and never lets go. Let's be real, radio was my first love, so I'm beyond elated to announce that I'm back with my old flame. ;)

Let's take a stroll down memory lane. I said goodbye to my fabulous Quick Country listeners back in February of 2019. Instead of being a full-time radio announcer, I cut my hours, left my midday shift on Quick, and hiked up my real estate boots. If you missed my farewell, here's the video:

Samm Adams Joins Curt St. John in the Morning on Quick Country 96.5

What's really cool about this video is it's a little teaser of what's coming up next. What does that mean? It means, in the very near future, Curt St. John is no longer going to be a solo host on the morning show. That's right, starting Monday, October 30th, I'm joining forces with Curt to keep you company on your morning drive.

I laugh when I listen to that track because I said "MAYBE I'll get my real estate license" and quite literally less than 6 months later I was licensed and knees deep in the industry. Fast forward another 6 months and I'm drowning in it. The 2020/2021 market was quite intense. I mean, who wouldn't want those 2% interest rates back, am I right? That market made it nearly impossible for radio to win the tug-of-war game of who is going to get the most of Samm and I sadly made the decision to leave the station completely.

The past few years have been a blast. Working with my husband and helping friends and family find dream homes - I love it! However, I'll be honest, it felt like something was always missing. I knew I wanted to be in the broadcasting field since 10th grade. That passion is not something that just goes away. And, I've been constantly reminded of that for the past 3 years. Rochester truly is a small town in disguise - everywhere I went, I felt that listener love with people asking me why I left and telling me how much they miss me. It was flattering, but torture all that the same time.

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So, let the juggling begin. I'm so grateful to be able to do two things that I love. I will start my day off with Curt on Quick Country and I will end my day with my hubby doing all things real estate. Thank you, Rochester for welcoming me back into your cars, homes, phones, and offices. I'm pumped to hang out with you again!

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