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I'm not sure who they asked, but this new survey says our iconic tater tot hotdish isn't the most popular dish here in Minnesota.

There are just some things that scream Minnesota, right? Like Prince. The Twins and Vikings. Rochester's own Mayo Clinic. The lift bridge in Duluth or the iconic Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore. And, even though I'm not a native Minnesotan, I'd go ahead and put tater tot hotdish on that list too.

Which is why this release about the most popular dishes in every state that landed in my email inbox caught my attention because it said that here in Minnesota, gnocchi is our favorite dish-- not tater tot hotdish.

Gnocchi? I know, right? How can this be? Well, I did some more digging and I noticed that the original e-mail title omitted one tiny little word: pasta. So, no wonder tater tot hotdish didn't rank number-one here on the list of Most Popular Pasta Dishes in Minnesota-- it's NOT a pasta dish. Makes sense.

I was still a little intrigued by the results of this new survey by the number-crunchers over at the Shane Co. just put together. When it comes to pasta dishes, I'd think the 'ol standby of spaghetti and meatballs might have been ranked higher than gnocchi here in Minnesota. Or maybe lasagna (which happened to be the most popular pasta dish over in my home state of Wisconsin.)

But, nope, here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it's gnocchi, as their release noted:

In Minnesota, gnocchi was named the most popular pasta dish this year, based on search volume over the past 12 months. Either it’s how to make it or where to get it, Minnesota residents are seriously craving gnocchi.

Gnocchi was also the most popular dish overall in four other states, as well. You can check the full results HERE. And speaking of food, keep scrolling to check out all 37 Minnesota restaurants that have been featured on the Food Network!

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