A local business in Byron, Minnesota is letting the public know that there is a scammer imitating them.

Please DO not accept Friend Request from Tiegen’s Pumpkin Patch. Someone is scamming us and You! Don’t do anything with a Giveaway from Tiegen’s Pumpkin Patch except a direct post from my page. So sorry! These people are AWEFUL!! - Tiegen's Pumpkin Patch Facebook Page

Don't fall for the Tiegen's Pumpkin Patch scam on Facebook

Over the weekend, Tiegen's Pumpkin Patch received a few messages letting them know that they've gotten messages or friend requests from a Facebook page claiming to be them.

Below are a few of the messages and examples to be aware of:

Tiegen's Pumpkin Patch
Tiegen's Pumpkin Patch
Tiegen's Pumpkin Patch

A similar scam happened to two Rochester businesses less than a year ago

Two Rochester area businesses let their customers know that someone is pretending to be them and is issuing coupons or prizes that are fake.  Leashes and Leads in Byron, Minnesota, and The Tap House in Rochester both shared info for their customers about the scams that showed up in December 2020.  You can see the coupons and fake messages that were created for these companies here.

As you are shopping online or browsing social media, just a word to the wise, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  There are a lot of fake coupons happening right now that people are getting really excited about and sharing without even taking a moment to double-check.

FYI...this is not fake news....this is real so you can share this as much as you'd like.  But, what other "fake news" coupons have you found online?  I'd love to hear about it!  Send me a message in the Instagram world (@JessicaOnTheRadio) or on Facebook (@JessicaWilliamsOnTheRadio).

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Photo by Gerda on Unsplash

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