More snow and very cold temperatures did not make make for good driving conditions over the weekend. A tow truck driver was injured after being hit by a vehicle Sunday morning on an icy Minnesota freeway.

@SafetyAlertsMN11 car pileup in Eagan

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In the video you can see the tow truck driver assisting a vehicle on the side of the freeway when another vehicle loses control and slides into him and the vehicle he was assisting. The Twitter post went on to say they are sharing the video to provide public safety awareness, especially as it relates to winter driving.

There are no reports on the tow driver's injuries, but in the video you can see him walking with a state trooper. Hopefully he's okay and what a scary moment to be apart of.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. Please drive safe this winter. I know we are used to living in the frozen tundra, but one bad patch of ice is all it takes sometimes. I remember my first car accident when I was 16 was a 15 car pileup and it still haunts me to this day. Remember, The turtle always wins the race, so be cautious and drive low and slow.

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