It's rare when a fish bites a person, right? But now, another muskie has bitten someone -- and, once again, it happened right here in Minnesota, too.


A woman named Wendy Haldorson said her daughter, Paige Dougherty, who's 22, was sitting on a dock Sunday, enjoying the Labor Day weekend.

Paige happened to be dangling her feet in the water on Island Lake, near Duluth. And that's when the fish chomped down on her foot. According to this KBJR-TV story, Wendy and other members of her family noticed the good-sized fish, probably about 26 to 40 inches long, in the water.

"'I looked down and everyone looked over and we saw a big muskie's mouth coming out of the water,'" Haldorson said in the story. Luckily, Paige wasn't seriously injured. But, her foot was scratched and bruised in the incident.

The story says Paige was wearing an ankle bracelet, and there's speculation the fish might have been attracted to the shiny object in the water.

This isn't the first time a muskie has bitten someone. Earlier this year, an 11-year-old girl was also bitten by a muskie-- and on the same lake, even!

Yikes. Even though summer's over, I still love spending some time on one of Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes. But I'm going to have to remember to take off my ankle bracelet before I hit the water!

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