Chalk another one up for seeing some great country stars, right here in our own backyard this summer!

Anna Webber / Getty Images
Anna Webber / Getty Images

The Minnesota State Fair just released the complete line-up for the Leinie Lodge Bandshell, and it includes two free shows from Chris Janson!

That's right, the guy behind songs like "Buy Me A Boat" and "Fix A Drink" will be playing right here in Minnesota this summer, and tickets to see him are free!

Well, hold on a minute. There actually aren't any tickets to the Leinie Lodge Bandshell at the Fair-- it is completely free. (Although the Fair does recommend you get there early to find a seat.)

There is a cost involved, though, because you DO have to pay to get into the State Fair. But at least it's not like you have to then buy another ticket too. (Like you have to do when you're seeing an act in the Grandstand.)

Anyway, Chris Janson is set to play the Leinie Lodge Bandshell at the Great Minnesota Get-Together two nights, August 28th and 29th. Shows are at 8:30 both nights. You can get more information HERE.


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