I had a friend over and wanted to chill the wine quick, so I put it in the freezer. And forgot it 'til Sunday morning. And that's when I found the penguin in my freezer.

Obviously, it didn't really freeze, but the cork did get forced out, and it was tipped over, so it looked pretty much like a penguin.

Overall, it turned into a slushy. I didn't try it once I got it out, but I'll bet it was sweet.

Three Odd Things I've Frozen and It Worked

BUTTER - I bought a bunch of fancy butter but didn't need it right away. I popped two pounds of butter in the freezer. Took one pound out the other day, used it, and it was still really good!

VODKA - It is thick as heck, but with some lemon, so so SO good.

SHREDDED CHEESE - Then I take it out, and add it to a frozen pizza (they never have enough cheese). Since it's frozen, it cooks and melts at the same speed as the rest of the pizza.


site of fatal shooting
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A crash led to a shooting, killing a 17-year-old boy! See the story HERE (or just click the image).

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