Well, the snow we got earlier this week was perfect for building snowmen!

Shannon Feehan via Facebook
Shannon Feehan via Facebook

Someone in Winona just decided to take that idea a little too literally. I browsed Facebook and noticed a photo of a newspaper showing a portion of an article that was highlighted and circled.

Apparently, this past Monday night (after we received as many as eight inches of snow in some parts of southeast Minnesota) someone decided to create a snow sculpture of a seven-foot penis along Seventh and Sioux streets in Winona.

This information was printed among a list of other incidents Winona law enforcement responded to recently - including a vehicle "egging" and juvenile drinking party that was busted.  It's such a small blurb that anyone reading this paper could've missed it! I'm just glad someone caught the print and posted a photo of it! Now I'm wondering if anyone took photos of the sculpture!?

Who knew Winona was so ...sexual?? Or, just likes to laugh at penis jokes.

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