Smoking can burn a nasty hole in your wallet.

In the latest study from WalletHub, Minnesotans that smoke could put a hole in the wallet that cost over $2 million. That is a lot of dough.

Since 1964, smoking-related illnesses have claimed over 20 million lives in the U.S, and it costs the U.S more than $300 billion every year. WalletHub was looking to encourage smokers to quick and kick the habit, so they came up with this study that shows just how much it cost people to smoke.

For Minnesotans, the number is $2,491,247 over a lifetime, which comes out to about $48,848 per year. That ranks Minnesota as the 44th cheapest state in the nation. That makes Minnesota 8th most expensive state for smokers. Topping the list was Connecticut, followed by New York, Washington D.C and Massachusetts.

The study proves that smoking can really burn a hole in your wallet.

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