While it's sure felt like winter over the past two weeks, is southeast Minnesota now in line to finally get some more snow?

Well, it could be. But not until Wednesday night and into Thursday. But it could include some mixed precipitation-- that'd be the always-fun rain, freezing rain or ice-- as well as some snow.

But, like most weather events, how much snow we're in for depends on which forecast  you're looking at. Over at ABC-6, meteorologist Chris Kuball said on his Facebook page yesterday that there are "Lots of moving variables at play and anything from rain to snow is possible... sure to be some travel disruptions somewhere nearby, if not here."

And the Weather Channel forecast for Rochester (as of Monday morning) says for Wednesday night we could see "a few showers early mixed with rain and snow later. Accumulations about an inch." Then on Thursday, it calls for "Windy with on and off snow showers," with another inch or so possible.

Other forecasts, though, are saying we could see closer to 2 to 4, or even 3 to 5 inches from this system. The bottom line, I guess, is that we just don't know yet.

Either way, though, it looks like travel plans could be impacted Wednesday night and into Thursday-- because we know it doesn't take too much snow to make things a mess on the roads!


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