Do you remember where you were and what you were doing four years ago? 


If you were here in Rochester (or anywhere in southeast Minnesota, for that matter), then you probably remember the freak snowstorm that dumped anywhere between 12 and 17 inches of wet, heavy snow on us... ON THE SECOND DAY MAY!

I was working as the internet director at KTTC-TV at the time, and was called into the station early to help with all the cancellations and closings that were coming in. As I recall, under all the snow was a slick layer of ice that made things even trickier to try to navigate through-- and that was before that foot of wet, heavy snow fell.

My all-wheel drive SUV, which never had a problem plowing through most winter storms, nearly got me stuck on West Circle Drive that morning, which, when I was heading in to work, hadn't yet been plowed.

The National Weather Service has more on that historic spring snowstorm HERE. What were YOU doing on that second day of May four years ago?

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