It's practically a rite of passage in America that one of your parents takes you out to an abandoned road or parking lot and attempts to teach you how to drive. But for one father/son duo, that outing ended in a way no one could have expected.

Nobody was hurt — except for the car, and maybe an ego or two.

It happened in Bloomington, Ind., and it was caught on video. Dad has a dashcam installed in the vehicle — as they go from the backroad of an industrial area to behind a Kroger grocery store to practice the son's driving skills, the proud papa points out a large pothole ahead of as they make a right turn.

They are only going about two miles an hour, so dad isn't showing too much urgency when he tells his son to not hit the pothole. In trying to avoid it, the boy drives to the righthand side of the road, toward a retaining wall.

Unfortunately for the new driver, that retaining wall was built with steps up going up, which operate whether you're on foot or on wheels. The driver goes up the stairs with the right tires of the car, which causes it to flip on its side.

Watch it unfold below:

Immediately after the incident, the father — who seems cool as a cucumber — says, "Yep, yep, that was a good one, buddy!" and checks to make sure his son is okay.

Unsure of what to do next, the boy asks if they should call 911, in which the dad replies with a simple, "Yep."

When it's your time to teach your child to drive, keep this viral video in mind. There was some broken glass and surely a totaled car, but it's a memory that this father and son will have for the rest of their lives, no doubt. They may even laugh about it someday!

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