One of my two favorites beverages is coffee (gee -- what could the other one be?), so it's never a good thing when a local coffee shop says it's closing its doors.


Yet, that's exactly what's happening. The Better Brew Coffeehouse, just off Highway 52 in Pine Island, says it'll brew its last cup 'o joe later this spring.

According to a story in the Post-Bulletin, the owner of the popular Pine Island business says she's hanging up the coffee pot May 12.

The story says Marie Hlava opened Better Brew back in 2010, after having worked for many years as the manager at Dunn Brothers in Rochester.

"It's hard all the way around," Hlava said in the story. "I will miss all of my regulars, but I'll still be around. Now I'll be able to have a coffee with them and won't have to keep getting up to get someone's breakfast."

I can imagine! I stopped in at the Better Brew Coffehouse last summer, and had an incredible cup of coffee. I usually put so much flavored creamer in my coffee that it tastes more like hot chocolate, but the coffee there was so good, I only put in a little bit of regular creamer!

Best wishes on the next chapter of your life, Marie!

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