It may only be the second day of the new year, but southeast Minnesota has already done something we haven't done in over 20 years.

Full disclosure: I'm a big weather geek. And, while I'm certainly no meteorologist (I was a communications major, not a science major in college), I'm still fascinated by the weather trends that come and go here in our neck of the woods.

And so, I took notice when I saw that ABC-6 Meteorologist Chris Kuball had posted some interesting information regarding our current cold snap. He noted we dropped below zero Friday night at about 10 p.m., and have remained there for 67 consecutive hours!

Now, he posted that notice on his Facebook page Monday night, but seeing as it's still below zero Tuesday morning, we've eclipsed even THAT mark. By my unofficial count, it's been now closer to 80 hours we've been stuck below zero! (And yes, you can insert your own 'We haven't been above zero since last year!' joke here.)

Either way, as Chris noted, that hasn't happened here in southeast Minnesota in over 20 years, since the winter of 1996! (The good news, though, is that the forecast for Tuesday is actually above zero-- and double-digits above zero, at that-- so that streak of consecutive hours below should come to an end sometime soon!)


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