Once the clock strikes 12:00AM Saturday morning the Minnesota mask mandate kicks into effect. One Minnesota police department is advising residents that if they encounter someone not complying with the mask mandate after it goes into effect, not to confront that individual. 

The Albert Lea Police Department posted about what to do if you encounter a maskless individual and let the residents know "Unless you are a business responsible for ensuring worker and customer compliance with the Executive Order, do not confront a person about why they are not wearing a face covering but instead, if possible, ask them to maintain social distance."

The post also states, "There are people who may not be able to wear face coverings for a variety of reasons and you may not be able to tell why just by looking at a person."

Individuals can be cited for not abiding with the executive order, according to the Minnesota Department of Health:

Minnesotans who fail to comply with the Executive Order may receive a petty misdemeanor citation and a fine of up to $100. Businesses have heightened responsibility for public safety, given the volume of people that pass through Minnesota businesses on any given day. As such, businesses (and their owners and management) may be subject to criminal charges (up to a misdemeanor, $1,000 fine, and not more than 90 days in jail), civil enforcement and fines (of up to $25,000), and regulatory enforcement (e.g., actions by government authorities that license or regulate the business).

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