This past weekend was a rude awakening to the fact that winter is fastly approaching. It was so cold and I have this really bad feeling that we are going to have another bad winter in the land of 10,000 lakes. Many animals have already started preparing for winter, including a Rochester squirrel. Yes, we are giving this squirrel citizenship because I'm not sure it would migrate too far from here.

KTTC claims that Terry Schroeder had a surprise when he opened the hood of his truck. Schroeder claims that his granddaughter kept seeing a squirrel go under his truck. She said something to her grandfather and when he opened the hood of his trick, he found a lot of nuts. The article claims that there were enough to fill half of a trash can.

The reason for the squirrel was doing this was to store enough food to get it through the winter. According to, squirrels do not hibernate. Apparently, when it gets really cold they hid in their dens and eat the food that they were storing for the winter. So the Rochester squirrel was being smart and trying to prepare for the winter like we are. Hopefully, the squirrel finds a new hiding place for his nuts, so he can eat all winter long.

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