The St. Paul Saints have done it again. Known for fun giveaways and wacky theme nights the Saints yesterday unveiled what they will be giving away on July 31st and it is simply awesome. Behold 'Astro the Grouch', a talking bobblehead that the first 1,500 fans through the gate at CHS Field will get.

According to a press release, "borrowing a page out of everyone’s favorite public access TV show, the Saints July 31st game will be brought to you by the letter “C” and “S.”  While everyone knows Oscar the Grouch, the Saints will introduce a new character, Astro the Grouch."

The Saints describe Astro as someone/something that "lives in a trash can, has baseball antennas making it easier for him to pick up radio and TV frequencies."  The bobblehead will even talk when you push a button, to let you "know with a bang or two, what pitch is coming - once for a fastball and twice for a curveball.  Sometimes he’ll just tell you what’s coming by saying, fastball or curveball."

Also on July 31st all kids in attendance will be treated to a two-inning fun workshop on why cheating and stealing are bad.

The American Association Champion Saints begin the 2020 season with the banner raising ceremony on Tuesday, May 19 at CHS Field against the Lincoln Saltdogs at 7:05 p.m.

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