Did you know that on average, we touch our face 16 times per hour? Per HOUR! That's crazy, but totally makes sense (I say as I reach up to brush the hair out of my eyes). It is a hard habit to break, and that's why this brilliant teenager has created a Coronavirus watch. A watch that will vibrate every time your hand gets close to your face.

Max, a 15-year-old from the UK, invented the watch known as Vybpro. The Vybpro is currently in the Kickstarter phase. According to CNN, he created the watch after having an up-close experience with COVID-19:

Watching this pandemic unfold on the news, it was clear the devastating effect it was having on people's lives across the world. However, it wasn't until I saw the severity of the virus first-hand, when both my parents contracted Covid-19, that I truly appreciated just what we were dealing with. -Max

Face touching fact source: Healthline.com

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