Now that 2018 has begun, many people are starting off the new year with a resolution to join a gym and get in shape. If you already go to a gym on a regular basis, you know that this is easily the worst time of the year for exercising. Because over the next few months, most of the gyms in Rochester will be PACKED full of people. Some of those people will make you never want to go to the gym again. This is a list of those people. (Don't be like these people)

  1. The Loud Grunter / The Loud Talker

HURHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRR. GRRAAHHHHHHHHH. HRRRRRRRRRLLLLL. This is the meat head who isn’t at the gym to just lift weights. Oh, no. This is the guy who wants everyone in the gym to know that he lifts weights. And boy will they ever! It doesn’t matter if you have headphones on. It doesn't matter if you're on the Elliptical machine on the other side of the gym. You will hear his Rated-R grunts after each and every rep. The sounds get grosser the more you think about it.

There's also the person, usually on a treadmill, who loudly talks on their phone the entire time. "YEAH, I'M AT THE GYM. NO, DON'T WORRY. I CAN STILL TALK."

  1. The Day Dreamer

It’s so frustrating when you've been waiting 10 minutes to use a machine that’s currently being occupied by someone who is just sitting there, staring off into the distance like they’re in an Adele music video. If you politely ask if you can jump in, they’ll look at you like you just insulted their puppy.

  1. The Dude Who Works Out In Jeans Or A Suit

Okay, so this person technically doesn’t belong on a “worst” list, because I'm actually a huge fan of seeing someone working out in regular people clothes at the gym. It is never not funny to see a man who looks like an accountant doing bench presses. Lifting weights in jeans is arguably pretty badass, but I’m not courageous enough to pull it off.

  1. The Mirror Selfie Taker

Come on, now. Have you no shame?! People who take gym mirror selfies with a Duck Face should get their membership revoked. Congratulations for working out! Your award is in the mail.

  1. The Person Who Does Not Know That Deodorant Or Showers Are A Thing

The moment you first notice this person is like that one scene in Jurassic Park when the Jello starts bouncing. “Wait, what’s th…oh no. Oh god, no.” There is no quicker way for me to stop my workout and escape back to my couch when this person walks by me. (So…thank you?) But seriously, spritzing the room with your nasty B.O. is easily the biggest Gym Crime there is. I know I'm not walking into a Bath & Body Works by any means, but there are limits. And more importantly, most gyms have showers. They're free!

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