With Black Friday 2018 just a week away, plenty of Minnesotans will be hitting the stores (and maybe literally hitting each other) for some sweet, sweet holiday deals. Many of those deals you can find here in Rochester!

And if you're shopping for someone but have no idea what they'd like...here's an idea for you. According to BlackFriday.com, the top searched Black Friday product in Minnesota is...


Apple Products. But if you're wondering which Apple product is the most popular, that would be Apple Air Pods. Yeah, I wouldn't mind owning a pair of those. Apparently Minnesotans love hearing music on the go!

Pssst...and if you really like music on the go, don't forget to download our awesome and free station app. Pair that bad boy with a new set of Apple Air Pods (or the headphones you already have), and dealing with those holiday crowds is suddenly a LOT more tolerable!

Source: Black Friday

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