Would you dare to sit in a courtyard, lounging by the pool, while planes are flying over you!?

Believe it or not, some folks actually fell for this creative April Fool's joke that MSP played on their Facebook fans. Hey, if it really could be done, I'd be all about this! They even included illustrations!

Check out the post and link here.

Can you imagine looking at hanging out by a pool in Terminal 2 for just $15 a day!? Like I said, I'd LOVE this idea - I just doubt it's safe.

My other favorite part of this "project" was the creation of "service animal relief areas" via "artificial turf" and will include "a large “turn around” space, and a flush and wash system that cleans and sanitizes the facility for the next customer." LOL!!! As you read further you'll notice that some of these projects are already "past due" and are not part of MSP currently. That's where I got my clue. The real airport design standards are here.

Be honest, would you love it if MSP actually did this? April Fools!!

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