We saw some light snow last week and there were snow showers that fell across our area Tuesday. But do you know why we haven't had a lot of snow this year?

Much like last year, this winter hasn't been very snowy in southeast Minnesota so far. We really only had a couple of measurable snowstorms-- which happened back in early December-- but other than that, we've pretty much haven't seen much of anything white falling from the sky.

That first storm DID dump a sizeable amount of snow on us-- we got about 5 inches at our place in northwest Rochester-- but thanks to that warm week before Christmas, most of that snow is now long gone. And, while we got an inch or so last week and another dusting to an inch on Tuesday of this week, there's not a lot of snow out there-- at least compared to most Januarys.

In fact, if you check the National Weather Service's groundcover survey, you can see that we're only really dealing with an inch or two of snow still on the ground here in southeast  Minnesota.  So what's up with the lack of snow?


But I think I know why: It's because of my 'new' snowblower. Okay, it wasn't actually new-- it's about 4  years old-- but it's new to me. Well, it was new to me last year. It was my dad's, but since he passed away two years ago and we now have a service to keep mom's driveway clear back in Wisconsin, I brought it with me back to Minnesota last fall.

Nothing keeps the snow away more than someone itching to fire up their new snowblower, right?!? Heck, I remember when I bought my first snowblower back in the winter of 2002. If I recall, that winter we barely got ANY snow as well. It's a curse!

Mother Nature always seems to even the score, though, much like she did last February. So I'm guessing we'll probably still get more than our share of snow again this year-- but in March, when NOBODY wants it, right?

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