A new survey from a dating app just rated the most desirable-- and sexiest-- careers for both men and women. So which ones are on top here in Minnesota?


Well, according to the latest sexy career survey by the dating app, Happn, it looks like admissions to law schools should be skyrocketing here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, because being a lawyer was listed as the sexiest career for both men and women here in Minnesota, and across the country.

The app surveyed their 1.7 million single (well, hopefully single, anyway) users to come to these conclusions.

And, when it comes to sexy careers for women, there was some good news for the Med City: Nursing rounded out the list that also included marketing, finance, designer, architect and-- good news for the MEd City-- nurse.

The sexiest careers for guys, according to the Happn survey, also included good news for the home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic, as doctor was rated just behind lawyer on this list.

Engineer, investment analyst, trader, banker and teacher rounded out things out.

Hmmm. Good thing I'm married-- I don't see 'morning radio host' on that list anywhere. Did your career make it on this list?


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