Ever have somebody try to take their whole cart full of stuff through those express lanes at the check-out? Well, I humbly apologize, but Sunday afternoon, that was me.


Let me explain. We were out doing our weekly shopping at our local store (which shall remain nameless) and I was attempting to find the shortest check-out line.

When I got in line behind a woman who had a fairly full cart, the store employee in the express lane (which didn't have any customers), motioned for me to move over to her lane, and said she'd help me there.

Grateful for not having to wait, I, of course, moved our cart over to her express lane-- even though I clearly had WAAAAY more than the 10 or 12 items to which you're supposed to be limited in those lanes.

Of course, it was at that exact moment, when I'd unloaded most of our cart, that two other people-- who each only had an item or two-- got in line behind me. And probably wondered who the jerk was in front of them trying to scam his way into 'illegally' using the express check-out.

Yes, I became THAT GUY. The guy who tries to cheat his way into the express lanes even though he has too many items.

I felt like apologizing and telling them that the employee told me I could check out in the express lane despite having way too many items, but I just hurried as fast as I could and left... feeling badly, though.

You never want to be THAT GUY, am I right? Has anything like that ever happened to you?

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