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If you've been trying to eat a little better or maybe lose a little weight here in 2021 (like I have), a new survey has identified the exact time we're most tempted to grab a snack in Minnesota.

List many of us, every year in January and February, I try to rededicate myself to eating better, exercising more and snacking less. It's even more of an issue here in 2021, after all that staying home during the pandemic seemed to make it easy to pack on the pounds.

And if you're like me, it's not meals or eating a lot of fast food that's the problem, it's all those snacks! All those salty snacks-- like chips-- are a BIG problem for me. (It's almost like I have an invisible radar that can tell when we have a bag of Fritos in the house-- which I'm then compelled to devour.)

So, it was fairly interesting when this SWNW story detailed finding of a new study that pinpointed the exact time we're more likely to go get a snack. And, here in Minnesota, and across the U.S., that time is... 2:41 pm. Yep, a survey of 2,000 fellow snackers found that time during the mid-afternoon is the specific time of day when our willpower is most tested and cravings strike hardest.

And, our ongoing pandemic is only making things tougher, too-- if you're trying to get a handle on your snacking. This Frito-Lay survey noted that 85-percent of us say grabbing a snack helps us cope with all the changes we've been dealing with over the past year, and helps us feel more normal-- something we could all use these days, right?


The survey also noted that we think about food four times a day, and spend about 40 minutes a day just thinking about food. No wonder I'm compelled to go eat that bag of Doritos-- I'm thinking about it all the time, apparently!

Now, speaking of food, if you're interested in adding a little variety to your diet but still want to keep a handle on those calories, keep scrolling to check out some way-cool copy-cat recipes of our favorite fast foods that you can make right there in your kitchen!

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