Seeing that we all live here in southeast Minnesota, we sometimes take for granted all the interesting things going on right here in our own hometown. Check out what Yelp says are the top five things to do in Rochester.


I searched "Best Things To Do" near Rochester, Minnesota on Yelp, and here's what showed up on the list:

Mayowood Stone Barn - The review said, "This place is so beautiful, incredibly unique and very historic. They have done such a nice job restoring the buildings..." Now while that's no doubt true, unless one is attending a function there, it's a little tough to list this as something 'to do' here in Rochester. A beautiful place to hold a wedding or event? Sure. But not really something 'to do.'

Douglas State Trail - Hiking or biking along the scenic Douglas State Trail, which winds its way from northwest Rochester to Pine Island, is definitely something to do. It's great on a bike (which my wife and I have done several times) or just on foot, too. One review said, "The Douglas Trail is very expansive, and Ihave utilized this trail many times to walk, jog, skate, bike and just try to be active."

Mayo Civic Center Presentation Hall -- Again, while I've been to several different events and shows at Mayo Civic Center, I'm not sure that the venue itself is something 'to do' here in the Med City. When there's one of the many concerts or performances playing there, sure, it's great. But as an attraction on it's own? Hmmm...

Olmsted County History Center - Located just off West Circle Drive in southwest Rochester, the History Center of Olmsted County gets high marks from several reviewers. "The museum is nice and a good alternative day trip for older kids other than the mall," one review said.

Rochester Area Family YMCA  - The Y is a great place with many programs for both kids and adults alike, and it's a gem of our community, but does it really belong on a list of Things To Do here in the Med City? Put it this way, if you were spending a weekend here and looking for something to do with your time, would you head to the Y? Probably not. Another curious entry on Yelp's Things To Do list, if you ask me.

Overall, I'm not sure this list would be all that helpful to someone looking to experience things to do here in Rochester. Maybe I should have searched for another topic. What things would you include on a list of Things To Do here in the Med City?



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