By now you've seen or at least heard about Mirai Nagasu landing a triple axel. She was THE first US woman to land one in Olympic competition and only the third ever to land it during the Olympics. The move which deploys three and a half revolutions in the air, landed the US a Bronze medal, and headlines for the figure skater. But the move has a Minnesota connection! 

Former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding made history as the first American woman to land a triple axel jump in competition that was held in Minneapolis. Here is ABC News' coverage of the occasion.

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Not much for Harding went well after landing that jump. Harding's skating career faltered after finishing 4th at the 1992 Winter Olympics. And then there was the whole baton attack on Nancy Kerrigan that happened.

Lets hope this is the launching pad for success for young Mirai Nagasu!


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