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Newsflash, football is a money maker. But, what happens when a pandemic hits and no fans are allowed in the stands? Just how much money will they lose if they have to go an entire season fan-less? The answer - a lot!

Forbes is reporting that the NFL could lose $5.5 billion in stadium revenue, which makes up nearly 40% of the total money earned in the NFL.

Well, the Vikings have that amazing new stadium. I have yet to see an NFL game in US Bank Stadium - I did watch Lourdes win State there (so cool). The massive stadium has a ton of seating, shops, bars, restaurants, and more. How bad is this going to hurt them?

If the stadium has to sit empty all year, The Vikings will lose $152-million. That includes the money they’d make on tickets, concessions, at the team store, and the lost revenue from in-stadium sponsors. Yikes!

While that sounds like a heck of a lot of money, it doesn't even come close to what the Cowboys would lose. The Dallas Cowboys stand to lose the most money in the NFL ($620-million), while the Vikings were ranked 18th on the hypothetical lost revenue list.

The Vikings are welcoming fans in the stands in a unique way - the cardboard version of you can be at the game. You can buy a cardboard cutout of your face and see yourself on TV. Plus, all proceeds go to charity. And, yes, you will get to keep your cutout after the season. Click here to get your cutout.

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