The advent of online shopping as allowed to buy many things that we use everyday. And some weird things, too. So check out the weird thing we shop for the most here in Minnesota.


Shopping online really is easy. You just click away and wait for your items to be delivered to  your house. My wife shops online all the time. But because it's online, you can bet your sweet bippy somebody somewhere is tracking just what it is you've been buying.

Turns out there are some weird items we're buying online. And, thanks to the gang over at Estately, they combed through Google's shopping searches to find out the weirdest items that were purchased the most in each state.

So what's the weird item we've bought the most here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Well, that'd be... moustache wax.

Really. That's what they say is number one. Moustache wax?!? That's followed by iCare vape, parachute pants, a hunting pack, and electric surfboards. (I'm not even sure what an iCare vape even is!)

Do you believe this report? Parachute pants? Come on, who's still buying those here in Minnesota?!?

As weird as they are, it's still better than the weirdest thing they're buying online back in my home state of Wisconsin: that'd be 'truck nuts' (those lovely plastic or metal, uh, well, you know, 'nuts' you see hanging from the trailer hit of a pick-up!)


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