In Grand Chute, Wisconsin, the neighbors were suddenly talking to each other more than usual. Was there a new person in the neighborhood? Was there trouble afoot? No and no. There was someone doing something awesome every Thursday morning along a two-mile stretch of road.

Grand Chute, WI is about 30 miles from Green Bay.
Grand Chute, WI is about 30 miles from Green Bay.

The Mystery Garbage Person (aka - The Garbage Bin Fairy)

Every Thursday the residents of Stewart Avenue would put their garbage out, and then come home to find the empty bins up next to their garages. No one in the neighborhood would admit to the act. So, the mystery grew and grew until one new resident hatched a plan.

Mom and child all bundled up. Child in stroller -click for link.

According to WFRV-TV, Melody Luttenegger and her adorable 9-month-old son Mason waited to see if they could spot the Garbage Bin Fairy (GBF). And it worked!

“It was the day before Christmas Eve,” she said. “And I got a little gift for (them). Me and Mason came out and stood there, waiting and waiting.” Like clockwork, the man came up the drive at 8:21 a.m. “So this old guy comes up with our garbage cans.”  WFRV-TV

Who Was the GBF? - link in story. - link in story.

Melody and Mason caught 75-year-old Dick Pontzloff in the act (of kindness). He rides house to house on his bike, stopping whenever he sees a bin to return to it's spot near the house. You see, he's retired and tried to keep busy and he likes the exercise.

On the TV he said,

“Just be nice to all people...It’s just what you gotta do. Just think if you were at home and you needed someone for help.” WFRV-TV


Man moves garbage bin into place near garage - Click for link.

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