Olmsted County's Recycling Center has a great tool for you to use the next time you have a pile of junk to throw out. Their Waste Wizard will help you figure out if something can go in your garbage can, recycling bin, or if it needs to be taken to the Recycling Center. I used it last night and found out paper towels can't be recycled.

I ended up with a pile of paper towels after wiping down cabinets and countertops in my garage, and right before tossing them into the recycling I stopped and wondered if I should because they were soiled and had cleaning chemicals on them. That's when I pulled out the waste wizard and learned that they aren't recyclable. Check out some of the other things you can't recycle in Olmsted County below.

The Olmsted County Recycling Center is located at 305 Energy Pkwy NE in Rochester.

12 Things You Can't Recycle in Olmsted County

The Olmsted County Recycling Center Plus is great for individuals that want to drop off their garbage and recyclables. Their staff is great and will help you figure out where everything goes. But, what if you use curbside pickup? What should go in the recycling and what should go in the trash? You can check the waste wizard if you aren't sure and keep scrolling to see things you should never place in your recycle bin.

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