It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, right? Unfortunately, there are real life Grinches out there and we hear entirely too many stories like these.

One local restaurant was trying to brighten up their exterior, literally, and some thieves decided to help themselves to their decorations and lights. Not once, not twice, but THREE times now.

Come on people!!

The Townies location at Soldiers Field park was left in the dark yet again. If you've been there, you know the parking lot is pitch black when the sun goes down. They've tried numerous times to brighten the space and add a little holiday cheer and the thieves just won't leave them alone.

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The owner took to Facebook to share this heartfelt plea:

People here might not know. My name is Daine, I came from the Philippines and my husband was born and raised here in Rochester, MN. We own Townies Grill’d Philly Subs. Last night, someone took our banner and the santa that we put up. Including the lamp that illuminates the area. Soldiers field parking lot has been pitch-black for couple years now and we have been trying our very best to make area little brighter, not just for our customers but also for the people who walk their dogs every night in the area. Our restaurant is very tucked back so illuminating it with a lamp would help us be visible by broadway area. Lamp stolen once is okay, twice is frustrating but the 3rd time is too much. People be kind, we are not a million dollar company that a lamp, banner and a Santa would be a penny price. We are trying to survive our business the same as many restaurants struggling in this city. We put it up ourselves for the kids to see when they come visit our restaurant. This Santa made my daughter happy. Please don’t be a grinch and leave our banner, lamp and decors alone. Please and Thank you.

Spotted in Rochester Facebook
Spotted in Rochester Facebook

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