There's a mysterious island in Minnesota that (for the past few years) has turned into a safe haven for wild hares.

A bunny's paradise can be found on a 22-Acre Island on the Mississippi River in Minnesota. And even more astounding is the person who made it happen.

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Welcome to Peacebunny Island

Credit: Peacebunny Island via YouTube
Credit: Peacebunny Island via YouTube

According to Atlas Obscura, you can find this special place for bunnies on the Mississippi River, just south of the city of Saint Paul.

After leasing the island and living on a houseboat in the summer of 2018,  Caleb Smith purchased the 22-acre island and several smaller islands downstream that are now named Hope and Hoppiness.  The islands serve as a warm-weather play areas  for his bunnies who are being trained to be comfort animals. Picture a summertime day-camp for bunnies. The rabbits’ main home is Peacebunny Cottage, a farm in Savage, Minnesota, but they’re escorted to the island by youth guardians who help care for them while learning about caring for the environment.

-Atlas Obscura Website

To learn more about Peacebunny Island, check out the YouTube link below. You can also read more about this remarkable endeavor in this article from Atlas Obscura.

And for information on how to visit the private island, along with how you can win a trip, visit the Peacebunny Island Website.

Story Source: Atlas Obscura Minnesota Website, Peacebunny Island Website

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