If it passes, this bill could seriously change the way you bike in Downtown Rochester.

Late last week, a bill was introduced to the Minnesota State Legislature that would require a few things - firstly, you would need a permit JUST TO USE THE BICYLCE LANES! Oh, and a $5 fee payed to the commissioner of public safety is required to obtain said permit.

That's not all! You'll have to take bicycle safety education courses (as part of acquiring said permit) before you're legal.

As it stands, the bill additionally suggests the permit could act as a separate card or a special stamp on the driver's license you already have.

I'll admit - my thought went to this: "How is a 14-year-old (who rides their bike to JM High School for example, and has no license) supposed to be legal if this is passed?" Well, for now, it looks as though these requirements would only asked of those 15 and older.

We Bike Rochester shared more, and encouraged bike users to be vocal.

It's certainly a hot topic! I, for one, understand encouraging safety - but is this excessive? Is it helpful and necessary? How would you feel if this bill was passed?

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