It's kind of like a food truck-- except it's selling something way more fun!


Several different food trucks have been gracing the Med City now for a few years already, selling all kinds of delicious food. They're all cool, but none of them have what THIS food truck does:


That's right, there's a food truck out there that specializes in vino (Well, and a few craft beers, too). And, it's based only a few hours from Rochester! The Wine Wagen (and that's not a typo-- it's spelled with an 'e') is the brainchild of Darren Fife and his wife, Dena.

They're based out of Des Moines, Iowa (only about 3 hours south of Rochester) and their business is pretty much what you'd think a wine wagon might be-- a wine bar they've created out of a repurposed, vintage 1968 VW van.

"The 'Wine Wagen' serves 14 different kinds of wines and 7 different local beers at events, festivals and private parties," this WHO-TV story explained. The Fife's got the idea from several mobile wine bars they'd seen out on the west coast.

Seeing as there weren't any mobile wine bars in Iowa, the Fife's-- who both work other fulltime jobs-- thought the Wine Wagen concept might be a hit. The story said they opened earlier this year and have been making appearances at local events and activities throughout the Des Moines area this summer.

And, according to their Facebook page, the Wine Wagen IS a hit. "Friendly, local, great wine & beer selection! We loved seeing them supporting local events, and we can't wait to see them thrive!" one reviewer said.

I think it's a really cool idea! Who's up for seeing if they'd like to drive the Wine Wagen up I-35 and make a stop here in southeast Minnesota?

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