The Critter Catcher is a pacifistic method to get rid of creepy crawlies.

It absolutely freaks me out when people FREAK OUT when they see an itsy-bitsy SPIDER crawling on the wall, or the shower stall, or on their pillow, or out in the garden.

This then, might be the answer to your arachnophobic fears!
Go to and get yours TODAY (and stop freaking out!)

OR, if you think you need a device that packs a little bit more punch, consider the XM42 Flamethrower !

Light it up, press the trigger, and (((boom))); and the damn spider is toast!

BigDaddyHoffman1911 and friends shoot the XM42, the first commercially available handheld flamethrower!! This is a brief introduction video, expect a full review soon. We hope you enjoy the video and As Always Thanks For Watching...OoRah *** If you like this video Please Like, Favorite and Subscribe.*** to BigDaddyHoffman1911

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