Even though I was more than a little thirsty this weekend, I wasn't willing to pay what a Rochester vendor wanted for this bottle of pop!


It was just after noon on Saturday and I had just walked from the municipal parking ramp on Second Street to Taylor Arena at Mayo Civic Center, site of our Quick Country 96.5 Rochester RV, Boat, Hunting, Vacation and Home Show.

I was a little thirsty, so, I stopped at one of the vending machines to grab my guilty pleasure-- a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew. I never carry a lot of cash on me-- like I had a whole single dollar bill in my wallet-- so I grabbed what amounted to $2.50 in quarters before I left. Most convenience stores sell that same 20-ounce bottle for $1.99, so I figured I had enough money, right?


Do you know what a 20-ounce bottle for Mountain Dew costs at Mayo Civic Center? 4 dollars! That's more than DOUBLE what you'll pay pretty much anywhere else. Well, I didn't have that much cash on me, and the machine didn't take credit cards.

But, there was an ATM machine nearby. So I went about trying get some cash to fund my caffeine habit. Of course, there was a $2.95 user fee on the ATM machine-- not counting the fee my financial institution would charge for not using one of their ATMs.

So, if you add everything up, that brought the cost of my 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew to nearly $10!!! $10 for a bottle of pop?!? Geez-- is Mayo Civic Center trying to pay for its recent $84-million expansion one bottle of pop at a time?!?

It was then that I said to myself, "You know what, St. John? You don't need to spend $10 on one bottle of Diet Mountain Dew!" So I didn't. In fact, I didn't buy anything. And I survived just fine-- I think.

Is there a price for a beverage or concession that YOU think is too high and makes you not buy anything? Let me know! But I think I've definitely found Rochester's most expensive bottle of Diet Mountain Dew...

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