It's soooo annoying, I try to avoid it at all costs. But sometimes I'm forced into using it-- and it always drives me crazy. Know which road it is?

Google Street View
One of the many stop lights along Co Rd 22/West Circle Drive. (Google Street View)

Allow me to submit Olmsted County Road 22 and West Circle Drive for consideration as Rochester's Most Annoying Road. Why do I say this, you ask? Well, because there are SOOO many stoplights along this stretch of road, it seems to take days-- weeks even-- to drive all the way across.

I'm talking about that stretch of West Circle Drive (Co Rd 22) that runs from Highway-14 on the west side, all the way to Highway-52 on the east side. We often take that stretch of road if we're heading to any of the stores in the North Walmart shopping area.

Seeing as we live on the far west side of town, we catch West Circle Drive as it passes over Highway-14 and head east. And, we encounter no less than 12-- that's right, a dozen-- different sets of traffic lights as we make our way towards Highway-52. Do you know how long that takes you?!?

In recent years, there have been stop lights added at Alpha Parkway NW (near HyVee West Circle) and now at the newly designed Members Parkway NW. Which has only succeeded in impeding my progress and making that stretch even more annoying. (I especially love it when those new lights turn red-- even when there aren't any cars coming from the other direction... what's up with that?!?)

I realize stop lights help regulate the flow of traffic at heavily-used intersections, but so many of them on one road sure makes it seem like you can never get where you're going.

What Rochester road annoys you?

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