Seeing as we're already several days into some hot, humid summer weather, I'd asked earlier this week the temperature you keep you air conditioner set at. Here are the results...


Keep in mind two things: 1) This was not a scientific survey. And, 2) I'm not all that good with math, so I didn't do anything mathematical like finding the average temp, the mean temp or the median temp.

But I did read through all 30-plus comments on the Quick Country 96.5 Facebook page, and charted all the responses. As it turns out that the most common temperature residents of Rochester (and southeast Minnesota) keep their thermostat set at, when running their air conditioning, is...

72 degrees!

That result showed up the most often in the comments (six times, if you're counting), which put it at the top of the list.

Outside of 72, both 73-degrees and a much-cooler 68-degrees also showed up four times in the comments.

74 and 75 degrees both had two comments each.

At our house, our A/C thermostat is set a 75, though, not without a bit of some arm-twisting: I'd like it closer to 72, while my wife, Katie, would rather see it closer to 78 (the temperature the thermostat instructions recommend for maximum efficiency.)

So now you know: If you want to be like everyone else, set that air conditioner to 72 degrees!

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