The Scripps Howard Spelling Bee is going down later this week in Washington, D.C., and in honor of the big competition, there's a new list out that runs down the top misspelled words in each state. So what can't we spell here in Minnesota?


So just how did Google arrive at this list? Well, according to GO-MN, they analyzed data from various Google queries (like, "how do you spell bananas?") from all 50 states, then compiled the results for the word that was most often searched-for, meaning it's the word most people in that state can't spell.

(Which, as a side note, is another way technology has changed our lives. No more heading to the dictionary to look up how to spell a word, now we just Google it! So much easier!)

So, just what is the word we can't spell here in Minnesota? Beautiful. That's right, even though we live in a most beautiful state, apparently 'beautiful' is the word Minnesotans searched for the most.

Over in my home state of Wisconsin, the word was 'Wisconsin.' (Really? Come on, man!)  And it Iowa, they had to look up 'vacuum' the most.

For me personally, I don't have a problem spelling the word 'beautiful'. 'Wisconsin' and 'vacuum' don't mess me up either. But you know what word always trips me up? 'Sheriff.' THAT'S the one I can't spell (I always want to add an extra 'r') -- despite the fact that it's on pretty much every Sheriff's Department logo patch and squad car in every county across the state.

Which word to you have problems correctly spelling?


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