After putting in your years of work, investing in your Simple IRA's and/or 401(k), and saving up some cash, it's time to start thinking about retirement. Many different factors can influence the right time to retire, early, late, or even not at all. However, the location that you choose to spend your retirement in can be an easier decision. Made even easier yet by the good folks at

They considered several factors, including:

  • Affordability-- the adjusted cost of living and taxpayer friendliness
  • Activities--the number of recreation and senior centers to name a couple
  • Quality of Life--Elder friendly labor market and age-friendly community
  • Healthcare--the quality of the public hospital system, as one example

By weighing the factors above, and more, the list is out. Minneapolis, Minnesota, is number 9 on the list of best places to retire and is the only city in the Midwest to make the top 10. Interestingly enough, St. Paul, which is right across the river, is only number 71, and the only other city in Minnesota to make the list. Number 1 is Orlando, Florida, and 5 cities in Florida make the top 10. The worst place to retire? According to this study, it's Stockton, California.

Minnesota may not offer the climate that Florida does, but, we do have the Vikings, the Twins, the Gophers, some pretty cool stuff to do, and Winters, well, you won't want to leave because it's too cold to move outside!



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