It's been an exciting last few weeks here at Quick Country 96.5, with lots of new updates to our workspaces. But my new desk apparently had a much more fascinating life before!

Thanks to our great management team, we've been getting some sorely needed updates to the offices here at the Quick Country Worldwide Headquarters in downtown Rochester. (Which is cool, because, from the looks of things, the last time things were updated must have been about 40 years ago.)

Along with a bunch of other new things, we all got new desks. They were delivered and installed last week. But as I was moving some of my things into my slick, new workspace, I found a few interesting items that let me know my new desk was really only new to me. Somebody else used it previously-- and it looks like they knew how to have a pretty good time!

Which is totally fine, mind you. I'm not complaining at all! It's cool someone used to have this desk before it was refurbished and reassigned here. Check the video below to see what I found, though. It makes me rather curious about who might have used this desk before me-- and what appears to be a pretty good time they had down in the Windy City!

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