In a week where we could all use some good news, how about this: a mail carrier here in Minnesota was just named Humanitarian of the Year for volunteering to help save a stranger's life.


Her name is Deborah Ochetti and she's been a mail carrier up in Burnsville for 30 years. And, her fellow mail carriers just named her Humanitarian of the Year because she volunteered to donate stem cells to a complete stranger who was in need of bone marrow.

This GO-MN story says that while Ochetti wasn't ultimately a match with that person, she did join the Be The Match registry. And, a  few years later she was matched with another complete stranger who was very sick, and in need of help.

Ochetti jumped at the chance, the story noted. "Just knowing that this simple act could possibly give life to another individual – wow, what a blessing," she said in the story.

For that selflessness, her fellow mail carriers decided she's tops in the country. In fact, judges for the national mail carrier award (who knew there even WAS such a thing?!?) called her "actions 'selfless' and commended her for helping a stranger," the story said.

And, the story says she's been previously honored for her stem cell volunteering with two other local awards, back in 2015 and 2016.

Now THERE'S some good news!



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