Have you ever encountered a scene that is very evocative of a particular season here in Minnesota? I found one staring me in the face yesterday afternoon.

Now before I explain what's represented in that picture below, you might be able to guess-- especially if you park your vehicle in downtown Rochester (as I do, right outside the Quick Country 96.5 Worldwide Headquarters, at the corner of 4th Street and 2nd Avenue.)

Yes, that was some crow poop I found on my windshield when I headed home yesterday afternoon. Crow poop, surrounded by a lovely field of freshly fallen, white snow.

Check it out:


Is there anything that screams winter here in Rochester, Minnesota more than crow poop on your car's windshield that's surrounded by snow?!?

Now, luckily for me, the crows only added their lovely decorations to my car windows in three spaces-- and were pretty much cleaned up when I brushed the snow off the car.

Things could have been much worse... like THIS car, which is, quite literally, the crappiest car in town!

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